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The 28 Day
Calm the Chaos of Parenthood Blueprint

This 28 Day Blueprint is your ticket to a calmer, more fulfilling parenthood. Say goodbye to stress and hello to the mom/dad you've always wanted to be. Get your copy now and reclaim your peace.


6 Months Ago I Had One of My Lowest Points

I was beyond anxious and depressed over the fact that my home was a complete sh*t show and I wasn't enjoying motherhood the way I wanted to be. I was so overstimulated every day and overwhelmed by everything that needed to be done.

One afternoon after I screamed at everyone my daughter came to me with tears in her eyes and asked me:


"Do You Even Love Us😢?"

My heart felt like it had been splattered all over the ground.

I felt like a complete failure, all I wanted was to be a kind, patient, and loving mom who's kids knew they could come to me for anything and it was going in a very different direction.

I had been saying for years that things needed to change, but it was my daughter's comment that made me start actually taking action.

I began researching ways to self-regulate myself. I identified my triggers and found ways to work through them.

I set up systems of organization so that I wasn't constantly running around like a crazy person each day looking for things. I created a consistent day flow with my kids that helped them feel more relaxed.

I began playing with them more because I wasn't as stressed and our home was unrecognizable [in a good way] within about 2 months.

There were fewer fights, I rarely yelled anymore, we were all communicating better and I felt more patient and calm when I was helping my children work through big feelings.

I felt so much happier and confident in my ability to show up as the mom I wanted to be for them and over time it became second nature.


That's Why

I recently started in order to share what I have learned with other moms and the response blew me away.

Within 13 weeks over 50,000+ parents have followed the new page on Facebook and thousands have subscribed to my newsletter.


With so many parents wanting to know how I was able to make my home calmer and yell less, I decided to put everything I have learned into a easy to digest program with short daily videos called Calm the Chaos of Parenthood Blueprint


Here's A Little Overview Of What

You'll Learn In This Blueprint:

How to identify your triggers & ways to self-regulate

​Step-by-step instructions to help you declutter, simplify & make your ​home calm

Journal prompts and instructions to help you customize a Daily Flow [routine] that best fits YOUR family needs as well as an example of what I do

Tips to improve everyone's sleep pattern

​​Song and stories that can be used for connection & to make ​transitions more smooth

​​Guide to navigating screen time, including gentle & low stimulation ​shows and toy suggestions

​​Helping your children with imaginative & independent play and how ​to​ play with your kids even if you don't enjoy it

How to connect with your children even if you are super busy the power of connection

​​Holding space for your children, supporting them without using words

 Parenting with Positive Discipline

​​My simple stress-free meal planning system that will help free your ​ mind of the constant "What are we eating" question that plays in most moms' minds 24/7. I share a seasonal menu and grocery shopping list ... plus journal prompts to help you customize your own

What others are saying about Andrea

6536d489a5da6_test3 (1).png

"Thanks so much Andrea for all your useful tips and help."

Thanks to Andrea, as a mom with ADHD, I've found balance in the chaos. Simple tips like retreating when overwhelmed and creating an organized schedule have made a huge difference in our family's rhythm.

- Shannon Wilder

6536d4ba1660f_AutumnSalePromotionBannerInstagramPost (1).png

"Andrea has helped me navigate so much in the natural parenting realm."

Andrea is our natural parenting guide, transforming bedtime routines and answering every question. The Buckley family is grateful for her expertise in meal prep and creating a peaceful home rhythm.

- Michelle Buckley

6536d225ab648_test1 (1).jpg

" I wanted to thank you for your helpful tips and feedback."

Thanks to Andrea's tips, life as a single mom is more manageable. Simple changes like laying out clothes in advance have reduced stress, creating a calmer environment for my boys. Grateful to have her as an advocate.

- Priscilla Lasky

Now Picture This:

You wake up each morning to a home that exudes serenity and order. No more piles of clutter, no more endless to-do lists. You have time & space to connect with your children and actually enjoy motherhood! How does that make you feel?


This step-by-step program breaks everything down in easy to dogest 10-15 minute videos that are posted daily.  I will take you through the process of simplifying your life to create a nurturing, peaceful environment for your own family to thrive in.

With thought-provoking journal prompts, you'll gain clarity on what truly matters to you and your family.

You'll learn to let go of the unnecessary and embrace the essential, making room for moments of joy and presence.

65379267dd936_kids (1).jpg

I truly believe in the power of this blueprint and the life-changing information it contains. I understand that gaining access to similar knowledge could be quite expensive, however, my utmost wish is to spread this transformative way of living to as many moms as possible.

I have personally experienced its profound impact, and I have witnessed it positively transforming the lives of countless other moms as well.

With a loving and compassionate heart, I have made the decision to keep the cost only $19.

By doing so, I hope to make it accessible to more moms, as I genuinely believe in the value and potential it holds. ❤️


Get This Program With My Risk Free 30-day Trial

You have a full 30 days. If for some strange reason, you feel it does not deliver everything you want and expect, or you are not thrilled with your purchase in every possible way, I want to know about it. Simply write an email stating you'd like your money back. I'll issue you a refund right on the spot.

Change isn't always easy but 10-20 years from now when you look back at this moment you'll be so proud of yourself for doing what needs to be done to give yourself and your kids the calm & connected mom they deserve to have.

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